Help Accelerate Psychological Science with a Donation to the PSA


You can now support the Accelerator with a charitable donation. While we are constantly pursuing grant funding and more substantial institutional support for the PSA (be on the look-out for some success stories on this front soon!), we can use every bit of financial support we can get to accelerate our activities and studies right now. With 2 studies under review as Registered Reports, 2 more on the verge of submission, and 1 more in preparation, 2019 is shaping up to be a very active year for the PSA.

For this first crowdfunding campaign, we have set a goal of raising $6,000 by January 1st, 2019 to support 3 initiatives:

  • Participant recruitment for our current studies. These funds will be made available to 6-10 labs with demonstrated need for funding to be able to contribute to a PSA study (i.e., no other funding for this purpose and an inability to recruit sufficient participants using a credit-based pool).
  • Laptops for 3-4 laboratories with demonstrated need.
  • Small stipends for undergraduate research assistants to help with data collection and study.

Currently, donations are processed through the Ashland University International Collaboration Research Center, founded and directed by Chris Chartier. Luckily, AU has agreed to take ZERO overhead costs on donations to the PSA made through the AUICRC, so 100% of your gift will go directly to the PSA! We are working hard to set up donation mechanisms in other locations to allow donors to realize tax benefits in their own locations.

Here is how you can donate:

  1. Go to this donation page.
  2. Search for and select “AU International Collaboration Research Center” (unless you want to give to the AU football team :).
  3. Enter an amount, and click “next” to advance to the payment page.
  4. Provide your info and use the “comments” text-box to specify that your donation is to the PSA. You can simply type “PSA” to do this and make a general donation to the PSA, or you can be more specific by entering, for example: “PSA: participant recruitment in labs with demonstrated need” and we will use your gift specifically to support that initiative.

Thank you for considering a donation to support the PSA and its member labs!


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